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Book Cover: Crystalene - The Rainbow Snow Girl

Crystalene - The Rainbow Snow Girl is a delightful story illustrating character building attributes.

Through the theme of TEAMWORK, three boy cousins build Crystalene. Crystalene uses her rainbow shawl to develop concepts of courage, energy, love, hope, freedom and wisdom. With her quiet stance, she guides the reader to seek peace.

(snowflake)The Return!

Book Cover: Crystalene, The Rainbow Snow Girl Returns

Crystalene, the Rainbow Snow Girl, Returns is the sequel you've been waiting to read. Once again, the attributes of the rainbow guide the reader to character building skills.

This time Crystalene introduces a new color through her pink mittens. Pink for Joy!

Using the theme of teamwork, this time six cousins play in the winter snow land and recreate Crystalene. She brings her messages through play and example, using “snow cones” to demonstrate the rainbow's colors.

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Photo of Crystalene products (Book 1, Plush Doll, Music CD, and Book 2)
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The legendary story created by author, Loretta Welk-Jung, and artist, Alicia Mattern, now includes two books, audio CDs for each book, a coloring book, sheet music, a 10-inch plush character, and a teaching ideas project guide.

This delightful ensemble brings messages through the colors of the rainbow shawl that encourage the reader and listener to promote peace in their lives. Messages of courage, good attitude energy, love, hope, freedom and wisdom in making choices radiate from these products. Crystalene's message of joy, found in her pink mittens, is the by-product of a story for all generations.

You the reader, are helping Crystalene to share her message and hope for peace. Thank you.

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